At Aalpha India, we provide the best custom software development services to our clients. Our services include development, deployment, testing, maintenance and support. All this is available across complete outsourcing to our offshore centers or by hiring our resources from our dedicated offshore development centre. Clients have the flexibility to engage and partner with us based on their immediate as well as long term requirements. We offer a number of engagement models for our clients. Clients can pick and choose one model or combine two or more models in line with their needs. In addition to the list below, we can also customize the engagement models further to suit your demands.

Engagement models offered at Aalpha India

To offer the best value for your money, our services come attached with flexible engagement models below:

  • Time & Material (Efforts) based model
  • Fixed bid/ Project Based Model
  • Milestone based model
  • Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer model
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)/ Build-Operate-Maintain (BOM)Model

Time & Material (Efforts) based model

Under this model, project efforts are measured in terms of the execution time and resources deployed. Project cost is a direct function of the project efforts measured above.

Time & Material (Efforts) based model proves particularly useful in projects which are complex and highly susceptible to specification and design changes during the project execution. This model provides immense flexibility and scope for development and modification of project specifications on an ongoing in line with changes in the market needs.

Fixed bid/ Project based model

Under this model, a fixed fee is committed towards end to end execution and delivery of a project or assignment. This offers a low risk option for clients and is particularly suited to situations when scope and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear.

At our end, with this model, we ensure that we understand the client needs and resource requirements to give you the best possible quote. We optimize our development process to ensure reliability, predictability and optimized performance for timely delivery within budget and hit the targets.

Milestone based model

Under this model, the entire project is divided into small parts called milestones. Project progress is made in terms of number of milestones completed successfully. Each successful milestone delivery is accompanied with a part of the payment from the client’s end. At the same time, this model helps client in monitoring the progress of the projects and reduces the risk associated with the project.

Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer

Under this model, we allocate a complete team to the client’s project. Resources are allocated to the project as per the client’s specifications. This dedicated facility acts as a virtual team and adds arms and legs to the client’s in house team of developers and engineers. Clients get the flexibility of choosing skill set and resources and complete development process with knowledge retention while maintaining confidentiality and protecting the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the customers. Rights to the IPR developed in our development center vests with the customer. This model also delivers accelerated time-to-market advantage to the customers, while providing a highly cost effective solution to customers requiring continuous offshore support. Under this model, the resources are paid on a retainer basis.

As this relationship is dedicated, we also offer customer specific quality/process frameworks to the client. The allocated teams are trained exclusively for the needs specified by the client.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)/ Build-Operate-Maintain (BOM)Model

Under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, we use our own infrastructure and resources and follow our own processes to deliver the client’s project through a dedicated facility. The allocated team is dedicated to the client. However, this dedicated facility is staffed either by Client’s resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or by us or a mix of them all. After the successful completion of the project, we ensure smooth and seamless transfer of the solution to the customer’s premises.

An initial payment is taken during the project kickoff with the rest payment on successful completion.

Similarly, Under the Build-Operate-Maintain (BOM) model, we build the dedicated offshore facility from the scratch. We operate and maintain the facility end to end in accordance with a mutually designed service level agreement between us and our clients.

This model helps the client in achieving a faster time to market at lower establishment costs and lower risk. It also provides access to process excellence and delivers the option of owning the facility.

At Aalpha India, we have customers who have engaged with us across all engagement models. From our experience, we see most customers beginning with a fixed fee model for a pilot project with a dedicated team for a fixed period of time. Post this, clients have moved to different engagement models suited to their needs, lending credibility to our services.

Professionals in our team are handpicked for skills and proven knowledge and experience across industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, ecommerce etc. We offer customized services with quality at reasonable prices, delivering more than satisfaction to hundreds of customers across the globe.

Come, be a part of our global family and give wings to our business ideas and aspirations.

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